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Ms. Devi, our founder, had been active in the field of philanthropic work for over 20 years, even before she started her career as a psychotherapeutic counsellor. During her work with visually challenged people, she found that the biggest challenge faced by them was the availability of quality audio books and materials. The problems were two pronged – if the audio material was available with acceptable quality, it would not be free and if it were free, the quality was haphazard.

Looking to fill this gap, Devi started recording material for some of her acquaintances. As time moved on, the demand and requests grew. Like-minded people joined Devi on her journey and this organic growth necessitated the need to give a name to these voluntary services. On 28th April, 2019, Hidden Voices was formally introduced to the world, as a voice with a difference.


How you can contribute


You can join as a reader with a simple message on WhatsApp to the contact number and further posting your one-minute voice recording to validate the quality in reading

  • Re-confirm your read
  • Read in ‘No noise’ room
  • No fans or AC should be switched ‘ON’
  • Control over breathing
  • Double check on clear, Steady & Pronunciations
  • Do not delay submissions
  • Be empathetic
  • Follow the do’s & don’ts

The quality of the recordings is further ensured and approved by the listeners who check the recordings and forward for final compilation as a single book. This will further be sent to the benefactors who raised the request

  • No one is perfect
  • Appreciate the efforts
  • Compare with pdf
  • No background sounds allowed
  • No clicking or twitching
  • No mis-read
  • Follow the norms

The admin will be responsible for communicating with the beneficiaries, receiving the requests from them, and dividing the task of reading as well as the book into parts

  • Manage a group
  • Keep track of things
  • Books read to kept track
  • Break-sheet of the readers to be kept right
  • Include all
  • Books dividing
  • Reminders sending

Making the world a better place

Quality is something we are in particular, so our subscribers can have an easy listening. We make 'empathy and considerate' as our own moto

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I want to express my gratitude for the incredible work you are doing to support individuals with disabilities. Your dedication to recording and providing books for those who may not otherwise have access to them is truly commendable. As someone who has a loved one with a disability, I know firsthand the challenges that can come with finding accessible reading materials. However, thanks to Hidden Voices, individuals with disabilities are able to enjoy the same books and literature as everyone else. Your efforts are breaking down barriers and creating a more inclusive world for all. I have witnessed the positive impact that Hidden Voices has had on those who use your services, and I am consistently impressed by the quality and variety of books you offer. Your team is truly making a difference in the lives of so many individuals, and I am grateful for all that you do. Thank you for your dedication and for being such an important resource for the disability community. Keep up the great work!

Danish Mahajan
Founder of Radio Udaan, BA in Arts, Pathankot

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